Wednesday, September 02, 2009

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Intro Guide To Basic Skincare

These are some of the essential skincare products that I currently use in my everyday skincare routine. Everyone's routine is different, but I believe these products should be the basic for everyone because they do amazing things to your skin

Everyone needs a good face cleanser, and the Purity Made Simple by Philosophy is one of my favorites. It cleans your face and removes makeup (even waterproof). When I have really heavy makeup on, I still use a makeup remover before this. But, usually I just use the Purity Made Simple, and it gets everything off. It leaves a silky feeling afterward without making my face feeling oily. 

Although I don't really see any huge difference in my eye area, it does keep my eye area well moisturized and has a light texture. It would be even better if it has spf because I like to use products with spf in the morning since sunlight can really damage our eye area skin.

I have oily skin, and this product really moisturize my skin and keeps my skin from being too oily. 

Have you guys tried these skincare products before? What is your experience with them? Or may be you have other recommendations for me?

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