Saturday, September 05, 2009

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Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face And Body : Queen of Face Masks

I love to pamper my face with facials and masks, especially deep cleansing ones. I was introduced to Borghese when I first got into skincare. The brand is famous for its mud masks, which come in various colors and target different types of skin. The Fango Active Mud for Face and Body ($33.50 ~ $61) is a little harsh for some skin, so if you have really sensitive or dry skin, I recommend you to try the Fango Delicato Active Mud for Delicate Dry Skin ($33.50 ~ $61).

More about the product : Our exclusive mineral-enriched mud mask is sourced from Tuscany's volcanic hills. It energizes and nourishes skin cells on the face and body. Special absorbing action unclogs pores, eliminates dead skin cells and detoxifies impurities. Skin feels comfortably hydrated, firmer and invigorated.

This mask has always been and will always be a necessity in my skincare routine. The hefty price tag may not seem friendly at first but I promise you that it works wonders to the skin. Plus, using the mask about once per week, the big jar usually lasts me a little more than 6 months. I have never tried it on my body, so I can not comment on how that works. However, I absolutely love using it on my face. You will see your pores shrink instantly, and your face will be the cleanest and smoothest you have ever felt. During the first few uses, you will experience a bit tangling sensation. This is because the mask is doing its work. The dryer your skin is, the stronger tangling feeling you will experience. The sensation does not hurt but I will say that it is definitely not tolerable to everyone. If you are not sure about this, I suggest you going to one of Borghese's cosmetic counters and have them try the mask on you before actually buying it. This deep green one is ideal for people with combination and oily skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, Borghese also has specific masks that target your problem areas.


Pick It or Not ? 
  • Quality: 48 (out of 50)  
  • Packaging: 18 (out of 20)  
  • Price: 18 (out of 20)   
  • User Friendly: 5 (out of 5)   
  • Availability: 4 (out of 5)
Angela's Ultimate Pick: A

2 Responses to “Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face And Body : Queen of Face Masks”

DANA said...
October 31, 2009 at 2:40 AM

Ooohh I've always wanted to try mud mask, but there's no Borghese where I live =( hence my hunt for a good deep cleansing, pore refining mask continues...


Angela said...
October 31, 2009 at 2:47 AM

hey Dana,

Im not sure on Borghese's shipping policy but you can check out their website and see if they ship to your country.

Or you can try this website called SASA. It's a pretty famous store in Asia where it sells different brands. They also have a online store and Ive seen them selling borghese's masks before. I think they ship internationally. Hope this helps.