Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Sparkling Beauty Secret : Olive Oil Is Your Best Friend This Coming Summer

I have been neglecting some of my posts series, so I decided to pick one up as I haven't really been blogging about it. Well, it is that time again to share with you all some lovely beauty secret. This secret is something that I recently learned. Personally, I haven't tried it out yet myself, but hopefully I can report back to you all soon.

Sparkling Beauty Secret is a blog post series where I share with my readers makeup tips, skincare secrets, or just any useful beauty related information. Some of these are self taught, but most of them are through learning from magazines, television programs, and other amazing ladies out there.

We all know that olive oil is a very good natural ingredient to be used in cosmetics. It is also commonly used in our every day beauty routines such as moisturizing our skin and removing makeups. But, did you know that olive oil actually has another benefit to us? It contains very strong anti-inflammatory property. Although olive oil can not be replaced as sunscreen and can not prevent your skin from darkening due to UV rays, it can be used in against of sun burns and other sun damages to our skin. So next time when you are at the beach but forgot your sunblock lotion, pour some olive oil (preferably extra virgin) on your back to prevent sun burns. However, you will still get a nice tan from it.

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tris1978ton said...
May 13, 2010 at 8:35 PM

Yes! I love olive oil!