Tuesday, September 01, 2009

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Review Policy

A large part of this blog is product reviews. Majority of the products and services that I review and mention on this blog is purchased with my own fund. Occasionally, Sparkle Midori is very fortunate to be given opportunities to try out free or discounted products and services from companies and PR agencies for blog consideration. In these situations, I am not obligated to review or mention them on this blog. Blog content, including reviews, is solely decided and controlled by me. No products, services, or companies can guarantee product reviews for any reasons. Sparkle Midori also does not accept any paid advertisement or endorsement. All links on the blog is provided to readers for informational purposes, and Sparkle Midori does not receive any money compensations for displaying these links. As I have repeated many times, all content on this blog is my honest opinion from personal experiences. Please be ensured that a product or service being free or discounted does not influence my view on it, and thus, does not influence my reviews. When I review or mention a product, service, or company that I received for free or discounted, that information is disclosed in the post. If you ever have any questions or concerns about a certain review or my policy, please contact me.